The Opal (and Other Stories)

The Opal (and Other Stories)

ISBN: 1873982305

ISBN 13: 9781873982303

Publication Date: January 04, 1994

Publisher: Dedalus Limited

Pages: 222

Format: Paperback

Authors: Gustav Meyrink, Maurice Raraty

4.00 of 53

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"Meyrink's short stories epitomised the non-plus-ultra of all modern writing. Their magnificent colour, their spine-chilling and bizarre inventiveness, their aggression, their succinctness of style, their overwhelming originality of ideas, which is so evident in every sentence and phrase that there seems to be no lacunae; all this captivated me, and seemed to me to provide the proper antidote to all the adjectival prose and shallow, false romanticism of the immediate preceding generation." - Max Brod.

"Gustav Meyrink's stories recall Golgol in their black, humerous vigour." - Kathy O'Shaugnessy in "The European".

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