Nature's Spokesman: M. Krishnan and Indian Wildlife

Nature's Spokesman: M. Krishnan and Indian Wildlife

ISBN: 0195659112

ISBN 13: 9780195659115

Publication Date: April 18, 2002

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Pages: 304

Format: Paperback

Author: M. Krishnan

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M. Krishnan (1913-86) was a naturalist known for his prose style, his learning, and his astonishingly wide range of interests. For nearly 60 years he wrote columns, essays, sketches, and jeremiads on the ecology and culture of the subcontinent. As a chronicler of the natural world Krishnan was unequalled, yet his work is to be found, for the most part, only in old and inaccessible newspapers and magazines. This collection showcases some of his finest essays, on large mammals, little creatures, nature in temples and folklore, nature's desecration and its conservation. It also contains a lovely cricket story and some essays on the history of Tamil poetry, and the editor provides a biographical introduction.

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