Hey, Al

Hey, Al

ISBN: 0374330603

ISBN 13: 9780374330606

Publication Date: November 01, 1986

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Pages: 32

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Arthur Yorinks, Richard Egielski

3.86 of 5,028

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Al, a janitor, and his faithful dog, Eddie, live in a single room on the West Side. They eat together, they work together, they do everything together. So what's the problem?

Their room is crowded and cramped; their life is an endless struggle. Al and Eddie are practically at each others throats when a large and mysterious bird offers them a new life in paradise. After some debate, they decide to accept.

Transported to a gorgeous island in the sky, Al and Eddie are soon living a life of ease and luxury. But they come to find that the grass can be a little too green on the other side. After a dramatic, nearly tragic escape from their paradise prison, both man and dog agree: there really is no place like home. 
Hey, Al is the winner of the 1987 Caldecott Medal.

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