Ring (Ring, #1)

Ring (Ring, #1)

ISBN: 1932234411

ISBN 13: 9781932234411

Publication Date: April 25, 2004

Publisher: Vertical

Pages: 282

Format: Paperback

Authors: Kōji Suzuki, Robert B. Rohmer, Glynne Walley

3.82 of 8,808

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A mysterious videotape warns that the viewer will die in one week unless a certain, unspecified act is performed. Exactly one week after watching the tape, four teenagers die one after another of heart failure.

Asakawa, a hardworking journalist, is intrigued by his niece's inexplicable death. His investigation leads him from a metropolitan tokyo teeming with modern society's fears to a rural Japan--a mountain resort, a volcanic island, and a countryside clinic--haunted by the past. His attempt to solve the tape's mystery before it's too late--for everyone--assumes an increasingly deadly urgency. Ring is a chillingly told horror story, a masterfully suspenseful mystery, and post-modern trip.

The success of Koji Suzuki's novel the Ring has lead to manga, television and film adaptations in Japan, Korea, and the U.S.

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