Fool Me Once

Fool Me Once

Author: Richard J. Garcia

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Mary Lautner is a retired foreign correspondent recovered from an Indonesian cartel. Her battle with PTSD is debilitating and has drained the energy she needs for maintaining a healthy romance.

Kevin Lautner is Mary’s husband, a multi-billionaire chemical developer on the verge of discovering alternative fuel sources for the world. In Mary’s absence, he’s gotten deeply involved with some shifty characters. The corrupted lawyer Anthony Hewitt and the porn-star madam Apple Washington who doesn’t go by her real name. Led totally astray by bad company, Kevin wants to pool his assets with his new associates to pioneer the human trafficking industry-the same industry that destroyed Mary’s mental health. Kevin begins the ultimate betrayal: planning Mary’s suicide so that he can keep all of his money for his anticipated investments. Will Mary be able to stop him and keep herself and her friends, Officer McLarel, Dr. Haley Chong, and the domestic slave Ben alive?


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