A Difficult Stage (The Adventures of Stoob, #2)

A Difficult Stage (The Adventures of Stoob, #2)

Publication Date: September 11, 2012

Authors: Samit Basu, Sunaina Coelho

4.18 of 11

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Stoob is headed for an Amazing Global Stardom Incident…but sinister forces lurk, as always, between him and ultimate glory.

Stoob is in Class Six and his days of childhood are over. He has discovered his inner star and is all set to take Hollywood by storm—but first he has to audition for a part in the school play based on the hit children’s TV series Teen Rama Adventurezzz. Unfortunately, the channel executive, a villainous Suit, casts him as a table. Fortunately, there are wheels within wheels and he ends up playing the Rakshas Hero.

Super shenanigans occur onstage and off as Stoob finds both his acting and romantic career under siege. Will he be able to save the play from a terrible fate? Will Ishani, Radhika, Yash and Sid keep their heads and play their parts to perfection? Will Momo-sir and the beauteous Ms Devraj come to the rescue, or will Stoob be branded as a Future Criminal for all time? And what message does Wolverfluff the dog hold for Stoob?

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