The Wall

The Wall

ISBN 13: 9781311836304

Publication Date: October 17, 2015

Publisher: Rhea Rose

Format: ebook

Author: Rhea Rose

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A young mother descends into madness as a creature that lives in a wall haunts and hunts her child. The horror of its insatiable appetite makes her crazy and she must do whatever is necessary to prevent the monster from devouring her newborn. Keyboard books, an imprint of RainWood Press brings you, a single, quietly sensational tale of horror. A story not-for the squeamish, The Wall, always there, ever patient, presents itself when it's least expected. Nothing seems to prevent the creature living within from savoring and gulping the small and defenseless. Knocks noises and beats bring the wall to life, so everyone must walk quietly and make no sounds lest the creature and its wall are summoned.

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