ISBN: 084394840X

ISBN 13: 9780843948400

Author: Norah Hess

3.59 of 86

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Rough Around The Edges

A hard-eyed man, Flint Mahone came back from the War Between the States with only one tender feeling left--for the missing children of his dead brother. So when the three little ones showed up on his doorstep with a fierce Wyoming winter in the offing, he knew he would do whatever it took to make them a home.

Soft At Heart

Lauren Hart had been raised among outlaws, taught to gamble to make her way in the world, but she wanted nothing more than to lead a decent life, to meet other girls her age, to own a pretty dress. One glance told her Flint Mahone was trouble, a ladies' man who knew all the right moves and none of the right emotions. Love was as foreign to him as marriage, but Lauren couldn't resist his plea for help. And when she saw the gentle way he held his little niece, she knew there was hope yet of reaching the warm, caring man beneath the wild, carousing cowboy.

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