ISBN: 1847678491

ISBN 13: 9781847678492

Publication Date: July 01, 2006

Publisher: Canongate Books

Pages: 110

Format: ebook

Authors: Alessandro Baricco, Ann Goldstein

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This sensual and hypnotic novel tells a story of adventure and obsession.

France, 1861. When an epidemic threatens to wipe out the silk trade in France, Herve Joncour (a young silkworm breeder) has to travel overland to distant Japan, out of bounds to foreigners, to smuggle out healthy silkworms.

In the course of his secret negotiations with the local baron, Joncour's attention is arrested by the man's concubine, a girl who does not have oriental eyes. Although they are unable to exchange so much as a word, love blossoms between them, a love that is conveyed in a number of recondite messages.

How their secret affair develops is told in this remarkable love story.

Subtle, tender and surprising, Silk is an evocative tale of erotic possession.

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