End Times

End Times

ISBN 13: 9781848631014

Publication Date: 2010

Publisher: PS Publishing

Pages: 227

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Rio Youers, Vincent Chong

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Wherever you are, I’ll be there.

Recovering heroin addict Scott Hennessey has a dark and terrible past. Determined to rebuild his life, he has buried the memories and moved on … until he finds her, Mia Floats Softly, shimmering in the rain. Alive with fire and as beautiful as his pain, she awakens his reckless desire. The dark memories come flooding back, and Scott knows that Mia Floats Softly is tethered to his past … and that she has returned because she means to destroy him.

Wherever you go, I’ll be waiting.

As broken as the life-lines on his ruined hands, Scott must face the darkness he has tried so hard to escape from. His journey leads him from the cold streets of England to the wild prairies of South Dakota, where he will learn the truth about Mia, and himself … and where he must face the destructive power of desire one final time.

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