Their Sub, Their Mistress (Club Esoteria, #10)

Their Sub, Their Mistress (Club Esoteria, #10)

ISBN 13: 9781622424214

Publication Date: January 22, 2013

Format: ebook

Author: Cooper McKenzie

3.85 of 107

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Two years ago, Lace Santeen was left scarred both physically and psychologically. Becoming a recluse, she designs BDSM wear and sells almost exclusively online. She reluctantly agrees to take part in Club Esoteria’s first fetish convention. The last thing she expects is to fall for the men Mistress Whitney sends to bring her to the club.

Raven and Hawk Woolphe are instantly smitten with the woman covered from neckline to ankles and vow to uncover her secrets. In order to protect her at the club from other Doms, they put their collar on her then find that they like to submit to her will as much as they like bending her to theirs.

When the weekend is over, will they still want her? Or will she return to her solitary existence? Will t

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