ISBN 13: 9781409231318

Publication Date: October 06, 2008

Publisher: Lulu

Pages: 310

Format: Paperback

Author: Terry Morgan

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Terry Morgan's second novel, 'Saul', is a thrilling re-interpretation and re-telling of the foundation of the kingdom of Israel. Saul, a young warrior, is chosen as Israel's first king by the prophet Samuel. With the help of his family and his right-hand man, the scribe Horebshep, he seeks to establish a firm foundation for his nation in the teeth of violent and sometimes unexpected opposition. Terry Morgan's re-creation of the beginnings of the three-thousand year conflict between Israel and the Philistines is a tale of lasting love and broken friendships and of noble ideals and vaulting ambition. Familiar events and characters such as Saul, Samuel, David and Goliath are given a new twist as a story of love, adventure and betrayal unfolds. 'Saul' is a rattling good read, reminiscent of novels such as 'The Robe' and 'Spartacus'.

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